6.0.3 Patch Notes

World of Warcraft Patch 6.0.3 Updated: 10-28-2014 Note: For the rest of the pre-Warlords expansion patch notes, please see The Iron Tide: 6.0.2 Patch Notes. World Event: Iron Horde Incursion Characters that have completed the Iron Horde Incursion event can… (READ MORE)

World of Warcraft

New WoW TV Spots

Your airwaves are about to be invaded by the Iron Horde with our latest Warlords of Draenor commercials. Check them out below, but word to the wise: it’s best to try not to make eye contact. Source:: World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

Welcome to Nightmare Tide!

With the launch of Nightmare Tide, we have breached planar boundaries and together we march, ride, and swim into new realms beyond Telara. This is our first expansion as a free-to-play game, and it’s really exciting to be able to… (READ MORE)