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RIFT Prime Server Name Challenge!

After weeks of discussion, deliberation, discourse, dialogue, and downright debate, we cannot agree on a name for the first ever RIFT Prime server. Help us with our Server Name Challenge! Name the first RIFT Prime Server! The RIFT Prime server… (READ MORE)


RIFTstream 02/16: RIFT CHEF!

Join Amary and Brasse to learn more about our upcoming RIFT CHEF challenge… We’re looking for recipes from Telara to be turned into mouthwatering and easy to craft RL meals and desserts at your home! What are you up for?… (READ MORE)


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Claim the Power of Inoch

Take flight with a pair of golden wings, Inoch’s Battle Robes, and a brand new damage reducing Lunastone. Golden Inoch Package Unleash the power of the legendary hero, Inoch! This pack features the gorgeous Inoch’s Battle Robes and the new… (READ MORE)