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Guild Wars 2 Friend/Ships

We created Guild Wars 2 to bring players together, and over the years we’ve heard so many incredible stories of in-game encounters evolving into real-life connections. This February, we want to hear your story. Have you met amazing friends while… (READ MORE)

Guild Wars 2

Ezi’s Light Buff and Figureheads

Greetings, Adventurers! Recently, there has been an increasing number of instances of players using a long standing behavior to kill world bosses such as the Leviathan, and Abyssal Kraken. This method involves using the destruction of a clipper to generate… (READ MORE)


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OFFICIAL: QOL: Eternal Weapon Upgrade Update! Hello, Ascended! The Eternal Weapon Quest gets NERFED… in a good way! (See Dwarf celebrating above with definitely-not-an-Eternal-Weapon) Watch for the reworked Eternal Weapon upgrade path! Please send thanks, flowers, and your “about time!” comments to Tacitus. Huzzah! The… (READ MORE)


RIFT Team Update

Howdy folks! RIFT is well loved and well supported at Trion. It was our first major release and we expect it to carry on for a long while yet. We mentioned our new team-wide collaborative approach in the recent Development… (READ MORE)


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Ice Fishing for Fun and Profit

Fish up some seriously cool rewards during the brand new Miroir Tundra Ice Fishing Festival. Duration: Begins after the weekly maintenance (NA: Jan 30, EU: Jan 31) and continues to February 14 at 2 AM UTC.Player Level Required: 30 Head… (READ MORE)


RIFTstream – 2018: RIFT ON! Tomorrow, we will publish a development blog from the RIFT team, outlining what you can expect in 2018 in very broad strokes. Questions? WE KNOW YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. Answers? We have some, and others will need to wait, but… (READ MORE)


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RIFTstream Spicy Noodle Challenge

This week Yaviey will host the weekly RIFTstream for a very special Spicy Noodle Challenge! Brasse is out at PAX South this week, so this Friday, Jennifer “Yaviey” Bridges, Social Media Manager for Trion Worlds (and former RIFT Community Manager)… (READ MORE)