Hello all, The RIFT team spent time over the past several days (including the weekend), chasing down trails left by the Ability Lag Monster. They have some leads under review and we will update everyone when we get them nailed… (READ MORE)


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Enjoy Spring Savings!

Here’s a look at upcoming sales to celebrate the arrival of Spring! Spring Cleaning Furniture Sale It’s time for some Spring cleaning. You can freshen up your homestead with these stylish options, and organize your loot pile into incredibly useful… (READ MORE)


PRIME: Perma XP Boost on rifts & more!

Hello! Dev has just boosted XP for invasions, rifts, footholds, collosi and zone events. Enjoy! (no downtime was needed) We continue to review all the numbers on Prime… dev is online alongside you and we’re looking at EVERYTHING. We absolutely… (READ MORE)


RIFTstream 03/09: PRIME TIME!

RIFT livestream, Fridays 11:30 AM PT, twitch.tv/trionworlds Vigil, the Prime progression server, launched on Wednesday. We had queues, we had fun, we laughed, we cried… let’s talk about it! Join RIFT Devs for a peek at what sleep-deprived yet happy… (READ MORE)