08/10 Livestream: Hosting Milinky

This Friday, August 10, 2018, join us live on Twitch for our weekly ArcheAge livestream. This week we’re hosting Trion Creator Milinky! Milinky loves to play video games – especially RIFT and ArcheAge. On this week’s stream, she’ll be playing… (READ MORE)


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New Reedwind Champion Crate

Dress like a real champ thanks to this epic new outfit. Legacy & Fresh Start ServersReedwind Champion CrateSale Duration: July 19 – August 2 The Fresh Start version of the Reedwind Champion Crate (450 credits) can possibly include the following… (READ MORE)


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Dress To Impress

Nui’s Chosen are known for their divine fashion! Legacy & Fresh StartUniform Costume SaleSale Duration: July 5 – July 19 Courageous Nui’s Chosen Uniform Righteous Nui’s Chosen Uniform Vigiilant Nui’s Chosen Uniform (Fresh Start only as it’s already available for… (READ MORE)


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A Pet-tacular Promo

Get the brand new Black Bloomfang pet and more. Legacy & Fresh Start ServersBouncing Bloomfangs CrateSale Duration: June 28 – July 12 The adorable Violet Bloomfang is back, and with a new friend! The Black Bloomfang is the same Powerstone… (READ MORE)


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Dress for Battle

They key to winning any battle is to be prepared… with wicked wartime fashion. Wartime Nobility Costume – Fresh Start & LegacySale Duration: June 14 – 28 If looks could kill, this fancy battle garb would be the way to… (READ MORE)


Soar in Style

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a pair of brand new gliders, alongside discounted dances, charms & more. —–Fresh Start—–Glider DealsSale Duration: June 7 – 21 Picking up the ‘Enhanced Marauder’s Glider’ will net you a bonus ‘Glider… (READ MORE)


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Putting the Fun in Fungus

Ever wanted to live in a mushroom? Well now’s your chance thanks to the new Mushroom House. Just watch out for badgers. Mushroom Decor Bundle – Fresh Start & Legacy If you’re feeling especially fungal, you can decorate your homestead… (READ MORE)


Gdpr privacy policy update

We have updated our Privacy Policy to ensure we are in compliance with the EU’s GDPR requirements. Learn more here:…policy-update/ Source:: Archeage


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Store & Sales Update

Get ready: the slick and stylish Dragon Cultist Duster is back, along with new Gliders and more. Fresh StartDragon Cult Crate Archeage 4.5: Legends Return is all about the fierce, flying fire-breathers. If you’re as into dragons as the rest… (READ MORE)


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Continue Your Conquest

The battle for dominance over Erenor moves north as the Claim phase begins on Fresh Start. Welcome to Phase 2 Your adventures on the Fresh Start servers, Nui & Ezi, have been full of PvP, mobs, and single planting carrots…. (READ MORE)


Livestream – May 4 – Fresh Start, Phase 2

Hosts: Localization QA – Sophie “Socke” Pickens Community Manager – Joe “Muzzy” Brogno Time: Friday, May 4 at 1:30 PM PDT Channel: Topics:XL’s Global Art Contest Pack Dupe Exploit – Patched out Fresh Start – Phase 2 Giveaways:2 Legends Return… (READ MORE)


Regarding Lag and Kadum

Hello Adventurers, We appreciate all of the insight into the lag issues on the FS servers – with a strong focus on Kadum. We are actively working with XL to resolve the ongoing lag issues. Together, we’ve identified several sources… (READ MORE)


Unintended Bans – Reversed

Hello Adventurers, We received many reports about bans that occurred when accepting a copper from the in-game mail sent by a gold seller. Our reporting system threw errors that resulted in the unintended bans. Within an hour we were able… (READ MORE)


Transfer System Temporarily Disabled

Hello Adventurers, We’ve decided to temporarily disable the Transfer Service and Character Rename Service due to a technical issue preventing some players from accessing their characters in these services. We were keeping it up and performing transfers manually when requested,… (READ MORE)


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Enjoy Spring Savings!

Here’s a look at upcoming sales to celebrate the arrival of Spring! Spring Cleaning Furniture Sale It’s time for some Spring cleaning. You can freshen up your homestead with these stylish options, and organize your loot pile into incredibly useful… (READ MORE)