Unintended Bans – Reversed

Hello Adventurers, We received many reports about bans that occurred when accepting a copper from the in-game mail sent by a gold seller. Our reporting system threw errors that resulted in the unintended bans. Within an hour we were able… (READ MORE)


Transfer System Temporarily Disabled

Hello Adventurers, We’ve decided to temporarily disable the Transfer Service and Character Rename Service due to a technical issue preventing some players from accessing their characters in these services. We were keeping it up and performing transfers manually when requested,… (READ MORE)


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Enjoy Spring Savings!

Here’s a look at upcoming sales to celebrate the arrival of Spring! Spring Cleaning Furniture Sale It’s time for some Spring cleaning. You can freshen up your homestead with these stylish options, and organize your loot pile into incredibly useful… (READ MORE)


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Claim the Power of Inoch

Take flight with a pair of golden wings, Inoch’s Battle Robes, and a brand new damage reducing Lunastone. Golden Inoch Package Unleash the power of the legendary hero, Inoch! This pack features the gorgeous Inoch’s Battle Robes and the new… (READ MORE)


Ezi’s Light Buff and Figureheads

Greetings, Adventurers! Recently, there has been an increasing number of instances of players using a long standing behavior to kill world bosses such as the Leviathan, and Abyssal Kraken. This method involves using the destruction of a clipper to generate… (READ MORE)


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Ice Fishing for Fun and Profit

Fish up some seriously cool rewards during the brand new Miroir Tundra Ice Fishing Festival. Duration: Begins after the weekly maintenance (NA: Jan 30, EU: Jan 31) and continues to February 14 at 2 AM UTC.Player Level Required: 30 Head… (READ MORE)


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Melisara Returns To Aid You

Invoke Auroria’s legendary assassin, Melisara Livolla, with this limited time offer! Melisara’s Puzzlebox – Available Jan 4-25 Melisara’s Token (Grants the “Legendary Assassin” title) Melisara’s Legendary Assassin Costume The ‘Legendary Assassin’ title will grant the following increases: All Damage &… (READ MORE)


Team Out Of Office Dec 23-Jan 1

Hello Adventurers, The ArcheAge team will be out of the office on holiday break from December 23rd through January 1st. We will return January 2nd. During that time there will be limited interaction with the team. Support will remain the… (READ MORE)


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Name Reclaim by Jan 31!

It’s a new year, and it’s time to clear the dusty shelves of names long unused. These names will be freed up for use by new and active players. We will release the names of characters that have not logged… (READ MORE)


12/22 Livestream – Holiday Festivities

Hosts: Associate Producer – Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan Producer – Amanda “Amary” Fry Community Manager – Joe “Muzzy” Brogno Localization Wizard – Sophie “Socke” Pickens Good Day Adventurers, This week will be the final stream of 2017! We’ll be out of… (READ MORE)


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Marketplace Update: Happy Holidays

Returning Packs, Crystal Wings & More! Returning Archeum Packs and Holiday Costumes The holiday nostalgia is powerful enough to bring back Archeum Packs of days past!Archeum Ascension Pack (Dec 21 – Dec 26) Modified: Labor Pots swapped out for Resplendent… (READ MORE)


12/15 Livestream – Maelstrom Patch Notes

Hosts: Community Manager – Joe “TheBlueMuzzy” Brogno Associate Producer – Sera “Celestrata” Brennan Good Day Adventurers, This week we’ll be going over the patch notes: and known issues:…s-Updated-12-2 We’ll also discuss:Community Events DDoS Compensation We invite you to… (READ MORE)


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New Maelstrom Packs & More

Take charge of the seas and skies from the back of a fearsome Frost Drake mount! Maelstrom Packs To celebrate the launch of Archeage Maelstrom – 4.0, we’re freshening up the pack list for you. Get your hands on the… (READ MORE)


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New Lunagem System in Maelstrom

Now with 100% chance to socket! In Maelstrom, the lunagem system has received a complete overhaul to allow for the guaranteed socketing of gems! Going forward, everyone will have the ability to fully gem their gear with no worry of… (READ MORE)


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Maelstrom System Upgrades

Craft, Claim, and Conquer even better with the changes coming in 4.0! Folio Upgrade The Folio has a new look and the categories are arranged in such a way that new players will have an easier time progressing through their… (READ MORE)