RIFTstream 05/04: Dev Roundup

Friday, May 4th: We have SO much to talk about! “The Seeker” challenge, Greenscale’s Blight on Prime, the Holy Grail of BALANCE, Planar Plucker and more…

We’re working hard toward our May 16th update: Brasse has corralled Archonix, DeadSimon and Icarus to talk about all your favorite topics:
Planar Plucker spotlight (Live)
Rogue Pet skins spotlight (Live)
Balancing underway across the board (Live & Prime)
“The Seeker” challenge (Live & Prime)
Prime Challenge III coming up (Prime)
Prime: Greenscale’s Blight and the Slivers (Prime)

YES, we are taking questions, and will fit in all that we can. As with previous streams, we will endeavor to answer leftover questions in a post on the forums afterwards!

Fridays, 11:30 AM – www.twitch.tv/trionworlds

As usual, we will simulcast on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – also as usual, due to technical limitations, prize draws can only be entered by folks who are in our Twitch chat channel.

Source:: Rift