OFFICIAL: Testing new LFR functionality


This is an important but tentative change to how LFR works, and we want to know how it works for you. If it is deemed to be useful, great. If you have concerns, please let us know in this thread!

While inside of LFR you now have the option of queuing again for the same instance if you would like to restart it, or you may queue for another with your current group rather than having to leave (which results in the “deserter” tag).

Queuing as a full group in this method will not put you in a queue, but rather will treat you as a premade since you are a full group, and will teleport you directly into the instance.

This process comes with two caveats:
If your group is currently looking for a member and the search was initiated automatically by the LFR system, you will be unable to queue for the same instance until your group fills, but you may queue for a different one. Once your group fills, you can queue for any instance again.
If you join a raid via LFR, you cannot be in more than one queue. For example, if you join Drowned Halls and somebody drops group as in the example above, the system will re-queue you for Drowned Halls. You may not queue for Gilded Prophecy at the same time, as this will remove you from the Drowned Halls queue.

Source:: Rift