Prime Store Update: Aurora & More!

RIFT Prime Store update!

We have some lovely new offerings for citizens of Vigil! On April 25th, you’ll be able to collect lovely new-to-you mounts, companion pets and costumes! All are available for credits on the RIFT in-game store.


Aurora, regal and stunning in every shofting shades of blue, will increase your speed by 60%, and will scale up if you acquire faster mounts over time. Aurora was first made available on Live through the Carnival of the Ascended, and she has now made her way to Vigil!

We know many of you have enjoyed your Armored White Tiger, but who doesn’t love to switch things up now and then? Let’s take a ride on the dark side with the Armored Black Tiger. It’s ebon hues are perfect for formal occasions or for sneaking up on your enemies at night. He offers 60% speed boost, or will match the level of your fastest mount.


It’s raining cats and dogs – here, take one of each!

Corpus Kitty – everyone’s favorite undead cat. Clearly she wasn’t ready to leave this plane after her seven lives were used up! A perfect companion for practitioners of dark arts, or those who just want something a little less ordinary.

Kirby – you’ve seen him lounging magnificently on our livestreams, and now you can help Kirby get the exercise he so desperately needs!


A change of costume may make all the difference. Don the Centurion’s Bundle or Sanctuary Guard’s Bundle and shine in any circumstance! Completely stain-proof, these outfits will not be ruined after a long night’s hunting foray or drunken adventure through the dankest dungeons!

Source:: Rift