Live Store Update: Aurora & More!

The Planar Plucker was built from scavenged bits of Crucia’s defeated army; our take on beating swords to ploughshares! This brand new mount model is ready to help you harvest plants and wood without dismounting!

RIFT Live store update!

If you do any harvesting at all, you know the drill; run to a node, dismount, harvest, remount, run to the next node. Hop off, dig, hop on, run, hop off, dig, hop on… it is time-wasting, achy-breaky work! Stoop no more!

Ride high and reap well with the brand new Planar Plucker! This beauty comes with a lifetime warranty. You’ll never have to take it in for servicing, and thanks to Crucia’s stunning no-waste fuel cells, the Plucker is entirely energy efficient!* By the way, no need to mention to her that we made off with the tech. That might not end well.

These are rare and highly sought-after mounts, and like the Greenata, is available for direct sale on the store! They go on sale April 25th, for a limited time. The Planar Plucker is available only on RIFT Live; Prime folks don’t even know who Crucia IS yet. They’ll find out soon enough…

We’re also bringing back the White Squirrel Mount for direct sale! As much as we all love squirrels, they have not managed the leap to Prime yet, so they will be offered on our Live service only!

Many of you have asked for combat pet skins to come back, and in honor of Defiance 2050’s Beta weekends, we’re bringing back the Hellbug combat pet skin bundles! A different hellbug skin for Druids, Necromancers, Rogues and Warriors! Snap them up fast! Available on the RIFT store on our Live service only!

Source:: Rift