Choose your side in the #SWTORCompanionChaos Celebration – Starting March 20!

Join the #SWTOR Family on SWTOR Facebook and @SWTOR to support your favorite Companion in the #SWTORCompanionChaos Celebration! Show your Loyalty to your favorite companions by voting for the team led by legendary gunslinger Nico Okarr, or the team led by the infamous mercenary, Shae Vizla.

The Deadliest Droid: HK-55 vs. SCORPIO

Vote now for either #TeamNico’s assassin droid, HK-55 or for #TeamShae’s manipulative mastermind droid, SCORPIO. Who has the reputation to live up to “The Deadliest Droid”?!

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Vote for your favorite companions as they align themselves into two #SWTORCompanionChaos teams: one led by the legendary gunslinger Nico Okarr, and the other commanded by the infamous mercenary Shae Vizla!

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