Let the Mini Lucky Lantern Puppy Light Your Way

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Mini Lucky Lantern Puppy

This adorable canine companion carries a traditional Lunar New Year lantern to brighten your travels.

Sales and Returning Items

Starting today, the Phoenix Kite Glider, Lion Mask Skin, and Dragon Mask Skin are on sale for 30% off. The Ancestral Outfit will be on sale for 30% off from February 23 through February 26.

The Unbound Magic Mining Beam, Unbound Magic Logging Pulse, and Unbound Magic Harvesting Blast are back in the Gem Store for a limited time. The Red Lantern is available for purchase as well.

Next week we’ll be swapping out some gliders and outfits for a different seasonal selection. It’s also the last week to pick up the Zodiac Weapon Collection and Devoted Weapon Collection from your local Black Lion Weapons Specialist.

Source:: Guild Wars 2