RIFT Team Update

Howdy folks!

RIFT is well loved and well supported at Trion. It was our first major release and we expect it to carry on for a long while yet. We mentioned our new team-wide collaborative approach in the recent Development letter; as RIFT matures and approaches a comfortable middle age, we find the team works best with multiple people reviewing, designing, planning and executing on the ongoing development of Telara. Most of the RIFT team has been together for a long time, and they are well experienced in what it takes to produce updates, improve quality of life issues and ongoing bug fixes.

Trion is a very close-knit, multi-game studio. Rotating people to different projects is important, to ensure that people can enjoy a fresh challenge, avoid burnout, find new inspiration and ensure that our games all get the support they need. This is a very normal and healthy process in multi-game companies, and brings experienced and new developers together to grow together in cycles.

We’ve had a number of inquiries about our beloved Vladd recently – it’s pretty obvious that he is not as visible in the RIFT circles these days. Vladd is still here at Trion and working on another title that needed his expertise, and we’ve moved his responsibilities across the RIFT Dev group as a whole.

We look forward to sharing more about RIFT Prime and other upcoming content updates over the year.


Source:: Rift